Warren & Brown Technologies (W&BT) have successfully taken part in a Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) trial project in Vietnam. Playing a key leading role for local carrier Vietnam Telecom (Viettel), Warren and Brown provided the initial consultation services including network planning and design, detailed engineering and installation as well as training and product supply for the project.

Warren and Brown Technologies (W&BT) and Viettel entered into an agreement for the consultation service to rollout the proposed FTTH network in April 2014 starting with W&BT working with Viettel in the design of the Optical Distribution Network (ODN) and in establishing which PON architecture would be best suitable for urban and rural areas. Later in May 2014, W&BT was awarded the consultancy work to prepare the design and construction guidelines for the ODN for the first pilot site which would pass 600 homes.

In addition, Warren and Brown Technologies provided detailed theory and practical training, in all aspects of fibre optic cable technology fundamentals, cable installation, termination and testing procedures for FTTH PON Networks to all Viettel technical personnel throughout all of the Vietnam provinces.

Highlights’ of Warren and Brown involvement

  • Provided service for the design and network planning of the network
  • Provided detailed engineering design for the construction of the network
  • Provided onsite supervision for the construction of the network
  • Provided training for the Viettel Engineering staff
  • Supply and procurement of products
  • Conducted testing during and after the construction of Fiber optic network.



WBT Receives 2nd National Broadband Contract (2011)

Warren & Brown Technologies has been awarded with a 2nd equipment contract worth up to $60 million over 5 years to supply for the National Broadband Network (NBNco).

The supply contract is for the Optical Fibre Wall Outlet which connects the incoming cable to the Network Termination Device (NTD) and will be installed in every premise requiring a NBN fibre optic connection.

The Warren & Brown local design and manufacturing facility is currently ramping up production to supply product for the National Broadband Network’s 2nd release sites as well as for the main rollout.

The NBN will connect 93% of homes, schools and workplaces with optical fibre delivering broadband services with speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. The network will cover 4% of premises with a wireless service and 3% by satellite with speeds up to 12 Mbps.



Warren and Brown win $110m National Broadband Equipment Contract (2011) 

NBN Co has awarded an equipment contract worth up to $110 million over five years to Warren and Brown Technologies. WBT has built a state-of-the-art research, development and manufacturing facility in Maidstone north-west of Melbourne, which will provide the optical distribution frames and sub-racks that will connect NBN Co’s network equipment to external cabling. We customise and develop a wide range of HDODF’s and patch panels that are Australian designed and manufactured, and are very proud to have our products be a part of the future in broadband.

The initial purchase order is for $50 million. The optical distribution frames and sub-racks used in the various Fibre Access Node (FAN) sites involve sheet metal manufacture and assembly of fibre optic connectors.

The NBN will connect 93% of homes, schools and workplaces with optical fibre delivering broadband services with speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. The network will cover 4% of premises with a wireless service and 3% by satellite with speeds up to 12 Mbps.



Warren & Brown Technologies Partners with University of Melbourne (IBES)

Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) has become the latest company to join the Industry Partner Program at the University of Melbourne’s Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society (IBES).

As a wholly owned and operated Victorian business, and with many years experience supporting innovation in telecoms markets, WBT will sponsor and supply IBES with passive network hardware including optical fibre patchcords, subracks, wallboxes and ducting required to support the IBES research and development programs.

IBES is a cross-disciplinary research institute at the University of Melbourne dedicated to products, services, and innovations that maximize the benefit of new broadband technologies to Australian society. The Institute’s activities cover a wide range of fields including content creation and delivery, delivery of remote health services and education, social networking, entertainment and broadband.

WBT is very pleased to be a part of the well qualified gathering of companies supporting IBES activities. We look forward to contributing to the best of our ability and working with a highly renowned institute.



Warren & Brown Technlogies Optical Fibre in The Burj Khalifa Tower (2010) 

The construction of the 828 metre high Burj Khalifa Tower, opened to great world acclaim, posed a great challenge when it came to the integration of all media services.

The size of the project meant that approximately 50,000 Fibre Optic connections had to be made to service the buildings telecommunications, security and other needs.

Utilising traditional methods of pigtail splicing in the main Telecoms room was considered unacceptable and field hand polishing methods would lead to delays in the delivery of these services.

The contractor responsible for the integration of all media services in the Burj Khalifa Tower, Bond Communications, sought out Warren & Brown Technologies after becoming aware of the contract solutions that Warren & Brown Technologies had provided to Telstra over many years.

The Bond engineering team met with Warren & Brown Technologies Engineers and briefed them to develop a new and innovative method of field termination.

Working closely with Bond Communications, Warren & Brown Technologies provided the technology by which a reliable field termination of a connector was possible on site. This enabled Bond Communications to deliver fibre services throughout the building quickly and efficiently with the following additional advantages:

  • Common high quality factory polish with guaranteed mechanical tolerances, so high performance optical connections were possible.
  • Direct on site factory termination meant that no excess cord was needed so each fibre was exactly the correct length.
  • Connectors were polished in groups of up to 16 so quick termination meant that the project was on time,
  • Less room for error, as there was no splicing required and no excess splice trays, just direct termination.
  • High reliability due to the use of factory tested techniques and machinery.

In addition to the development of this innovative solution, WBT trained all Bond Communications Technical staff with all aspects of fibre technology and provided them with the equipment to perform the various tasks for the tower, all within the period of one week.

Warren & Brown Technologies is very proud to have been part of one of the world’s greatest structures and very much appreciate the faith that overseas organisations place in such medium sized Aussie Research, Design and Development companies like Warren & Brown Technologies.


Warren & Brown Technologies Invest in Cutting Edge Upgrade (2009)

Warren & Brown opened its R&D and manufacturing expansion which now provides cutting edge technology for the Australian and overseas FttX (Fibre-to–the-Home/Buisness/Business,etc) markets.

Warren & Brown Technologies Pty Ltd is an SME that has spent the last 25 years evolving as a leading supplier of telecommunications products to both domestic major networks and overseas markets.

The new facilities have allowed the company to expand its R&D and manufacturing facilities by some 200%, with a major focus on passive optical fibre FttX products, systems and solutions.

The new facility was officially opened on the 27th August at 9.30am by Senator, the Honourable Stephen Conroy, Federal Minister for Health & the Ageing Nicola Roxon and Parliamentary Secretary for Industry & Trade Ms Marsha Thomson.

Warren & Brown Technologies has been able to compete successfully in the global Telecommunications market by being an agile R&D and manufacturing company which has been able to provide customers with product solutions much quicker than the larger international companies.

Mr Domelow said “we are hopeful that this local Australian initiative and commitment to local R&D and manufacturing by the Warren & Brown team, will be justified by support from the network builders”.

As well as a large stable of central office, Data centre and FttX products, Warren & Brown is one of the leading global suppliers of optical fibre ducting for the efficient and effective management of optical fibre cabling